Yellow belt test run through 4. Dec. 17, 2017



Adam Bein
Yellow belt test run through 4 First time in Gi

Assessment, analysis, and critique

1. Even out the cones maybe-not that it matters.
2. Tilt up the lens a little.
3. Mop the floor first. Make sure it is not slippery.
4. The 10 oz gi is too hot. Get a cooler one.
5. The L shoe hurts.
6. Hem the pants and cuffs of the top.
7. The camera shut off.
8. Turn on the air conditioning .
9. Do you slap your hands against your side and THEN bow or is it simultaneous?
10. Hold the bow longer. I come up to quickly.
11. Bow deeper?

12. Don’t turn my head to one side when I punch.
13. Cocked hand’s forearm must be parallel with the floor.
14. Tett-cocked arm’s forearm-should be parallel with the floor right?

15. Target hand-keep thumb against hand.
16. Shuto uke-don’t ‘rev up’ for the block. I can see me gearing up like a batter.
17. Shuto uke-raise the target arm.
18. Shuto uke-cocked arm’s forearm needs to be parallel with the floor.
19. Don’t sway when standing still between movements.

Not bad.

Test halted-too hot in this 10 oz gi.

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