White Belt Kata

The beginner kata class is  Class 7 – Beginner Kata Class.  The bad news is that this class is not taught like an aerobics class w/the Instructor having their back to the group.  But, at 22:30 that changes.  Unfortunately it is not done from the back slowly.  That being said, beggars can’t be choosers, it’s a good video.

I have found it best to practice this in a large room with a large tv.  The bike room at my local 24 Hr. Fitness works well for this-no one is in there and there are electrical outlets and a podium.

This is by far the worst training video GMAU has.  Which is an easy thing to say because every single one of GMAU’s OTHER videos are really really good-meaning this is only ‘good’.  Wrap your head around that. This video really needs to be filmed from above and back-like from the 2nd story of a parking structure or from the 2nd story observation deck of an indoor racquetball court.  

Global Martial Arts University is the #1 source for online martial arts training.

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