WB Stances. Overview.

4/27/17  21:40
Class 9:  Beginner Class on Stances (an overview of the stances white belts need to know).
Stances in Japanese is ‘Tachikata’.

I thought I’d start off by taking a look at the stances video.  One must have a stance-the actions must stem from a stance right?
I do not know if there are specific front stances, side stances, leaning stances, resting stances, etc.  We shall see.

Here’s a Wikipedia page on karate stances.  There’s no images.  Maybe I need to create a page of images of stances.

I am now almost 30 mins into the video on beginner stances.  I think what I need to do is first simply learn the stances & the names of them, learn common errors of each of them (leaning too far forwards or back, foot width, etc.) and THEN learn how to get in and out of the stances.  I’ll be able to get into a stance and get used to IT while practicing arm movements.   That’ll be the plan.

Tim Frier is a black belt.  I should ask him what style. 

Stances taught:
1.  Front stance ‘Zenkutsu-dachi’.  9:57
2.  Back stance  ‘Kokutsu-dachi’.  20:31

Kihon drills   (What is ‘kihon’?)

For testing:
Tachikata (Stances)

  • zenkutsu-dachi (left and right stance) (3 different angles)
  • kokutsu-dachi  (left and right stance) (3 different angles)

It looks like I’ll be tested on the above.   

Vocabulary to learn:
Stance:  Dachi/Tachi
Front:  Zenkutsu
Back:  Kokutsu
Front stance:  zenkutsu-dachi
Back stance:  kokutsu-dachi
Stance practice ?:  Tachi-kata

That’s it on stances for now.

10:25 pm.
I just watched the stances video twice & took screenshots. I’ll practice these:

Here’s some larger images & there is a slideshow at the end.  The large images are good for standing back from the computer a ways and mimicking from a distance:

Slide show on stance white belts should know:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While doing that home health case on Sunday night (5/7/17)  I watched a bunch of videos (off line).  Regarding the stances video (‘About Taichi Kata’): 

Stances are the support for the blocks and strikes.
I need to make a Quizlet site for stances.
I need to practice going from stance to stance w/a firm abdomen.
I need to practice going from stance to stance more than 4 times-do it going across a whole room.  If I can do more than I can certainly do less.
Maybe when it comes to practicing the blocks, practice in the stance 5 or 10x, advance the stance to the next side & then do the block 5x or 10x, etc.   Same thing going backwards.
I need to know the long stance and the related short stance.
I need a page for each stance.

It’s been 4 months since I started stances & probably the course too.  My observations:  Beginners really need to start w/just the stances.  Get in them, recognize the foot position, learn each side, go from stance to stance to stance.  That helped me a lot-getting in a stance & going from stance to stance to stance.   Making the Quizlet site for stance has really helped a LOT.  Here’s my site for white belt level stances:
Just doing the stances is a good workout.
One needs to know the stances because there is a series of them (a ‘kata’) done in testing.



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