WB Blocks

It looks like there are  3 types of blocks & block in Japanese is ‘Uke’:  Uke (Blocks)

  • Gedan barai   (Downward block)
  • Age-uke   (Rising block)
  • Shuto-uke   (Knife hand block)

Blocking techniques is ‘Uke Waza’.

Training, Lessons.  From ‘About Uke Waza (Blocking  Techniques):
In English, blocking is perceived to be ‘stopping’.  In Japanese, ‘blocking’ theory is ‘to receive’.  You’re looking at it/thinking about receiving and redirecting.   Think about receiving something and redirecting it.  There are subtle things in blocking (technique, etc.) and redirect.  Ie:  Twisting during a block, snapping, a redirect, etc.   Expect to receive and redirect strikes away from us, this is the frame of mind to have. 

Are dashes used in Japanese?
Is the 2nd word always capitalized?


5/10/17  I’m going leave the English first.  As a noob, it’s easier to get up and running faster by utilizing just the English and easing on in into the Japanese terminology. 

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