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Class 2 – Beginner Class

I re-took this class to see the warmup.  This is a great class!  Fortunately Renoji dachi was covered-I needed a review of that.  My left knee gives me problems in Renoji dachi when my R foot is forward and the L foot is back-ow.  I have to adapt my movements. I hope this doesn’t effect my belt test.  O.O

June 16, 2017. Beginner Class 2.

I did this class:   Class 2 – Beginner Class.  It is a good full body workout  Plenty of warm up that’s not too tough with breaks in the activity, then the instruction and that has breaks in the activity.  Then practice stances.

I’ve not done Karate for 2 weeks-my lungs have just hurt too much and then the accompanying sleep needs.  Working graveyards doesn’t help.  What I need to do is not go out at night to places-cuz that’s how I picked up these 2 colds.  : (