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Nov 19, 2017 Static Kihon Drill

This is a good video to follow along when preparing for the yellow belt test. 

Static Kihon Drill
Static practice of: choku-zuki (straight punch), age-uke (rising block), gedan barai (down block), shuto-uke (knife hand block in renoji-dachi “L stance”), and tettsui-uchi (hammer fist strike) in renoji-dachi (L stance).

Nov 7 2017 Sample Belt Test – 8th Kyu Yellow – Filming and Practice Guide

It’s coming together but I still am not 100%.  
I’m not predicting the next group of moves that we demonstrate.
Heian shodan-need to work on Renoji dachi.
I need to go slower than this video.
I need to be able to do the whole thing myself (w/o watching the video).

Nov. 1, 2017. Review: Renoji-Dachi (L-Stance)

This is why one needs to review.  Reviewing this I learned that the back foot needs to be at 45 degrees and not 90 degrees.

This is wrong:


This is right:

I watched ‘Sample Belt Test 8th Kyu Yellow Filming and Practice Guide’

Shotokan Karate notes
Testing video thoughts
4/27/17 1:28 am
I am watching a video, my first, on the website. The video I chose is the yellow belt testing video. Seems to be a good idea-see what is expected, what is the goal. The video communicates what is expected of the demonstration as well as camera position, communication, and continuity of filming. The video is called: ‘Sample Belt Test – 8th Kyu Yellow – Filming and Practice Guide’

Hey-I can’t download this with ‘Real Player’. I thought we could download them. This isn’t going to work if I can’t have the videos be portable.

The following thoughts come to my mind (I am halfway thru):
1. I notice that there are a lot of Japanese vocabulary words. I’ll make a Quizlet site/flashcards. There’s probably frequently used vocabulary words interchanged. Ie: ‘kick’ is tagged on to the words for ‘snap’, ‘back’, ‘front’, ‘walking’, ‘swinging’, etc.
2. There are (or at least I need to clarify & be able to recognize)
Standing punches
Standing kicks
High punches
Low punches
High kicks
Low kicks
High blocks
Low blocks
Foot position
Foot movement tracks/tracking/paths

3. Maybe I’ll start with what ‘catches on’ to me easiest/is easier for me to comprehend from the get-go.   Then I’ll build from there. 
4. Maybe I’ll start with standing still of the body with arm or leg movements, rather than walking and moving.
5. One arm is doing something and the other arm is doing something else (simultaneously).
6. Some movements occur while moving forward, some movements occur while moving backwards.
7. Maybe I should learn blocking first-to protect myself.
8. Although the Instructor is demonstrating the movements while only moving say, 4 or 5 steps forwards and back, I think I’m going to need to take many steps-do each movement as I walk across a large room.
9. I need to review Japanes numbers/counting.
10.  I need to make one page of this blog site dedicated to vocabulary.

This looks much more involved than I ever realized-and this is just at the white belt level.
Adam Bein
4/27/17 01:50 am