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Student Guide: Profile Update

4/26/17  10:10 pm
I have logged in for the 1st time to the website.  There is a student guide.  I have copied it & pasted it to this blogsite but I haven’t yet gone thru all of it/I have not read it all.  I updated my biography & uploaded a photo.
It’s 10:15, I have to go.  I’m looking forward to download a video soon!

Complete your profile. Click on “Settings” in the top right corner. Upload a photo of you (if you would like), preferably a face shot. This helps your instructor get to know you better, and match a face to the name. Next, write a brief bio. Talk about your past martial arts experience, if you are an instructor/school owner, what your goals are, and anything about your personal life or family you would like to share. We want to get to know you.