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Feb 23 ,2020 Practice: 7th Kyu Orange Example Test

It’s been months since I have worked out.  Reasons:
1.  The Orange Belt example test run-thru really took the wind out of my sails-extremely disappointing.   There’s mistakes & the kata run-thru contain errors.   The training video for one kata is not good enough.
2.  The 24 Hour Fitness chain closed most of it’s gyms between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.  They outta change the name to 20 hour fitness.
3.  I was sick.  It took two rounds of pet store antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria & then still 2 months after that I hadn’t completely recovered.
4.  The heat stroke has me still injured.  If I get my heart rate too high my heart hurts the next day. : (

I just did the OB practice test run-thru.

I think I might implement ‘Self Defense Sundays’.