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9/1/18. Solo Kumite practice class

Had an hour long workout today.  Not bad, not bad.  In fact, MUCH better when I switched to shorts that go to mid-quadricep and turned the big fan towards me.  Lots of lag.  Did the orange belt test follow along until the guy moved the camera, then the switched to the partner practice. 

July 20, 2018 Sample Belt Test – 7th Kyu Orange – Filming and Practice Guide

I am halfway thru the minimum time required to take the Orange belt exam, so, I followed along with the video Jonas’ made for his test.  
I need to make one of my own and upload it. 

Effort percentage:  Watching to 90%  Average:  40%

I’ll do this over & over, it’s a great way to realize what you don’t know.  Maybe I should go back and make one for Yellow belts.