Quizlet sites

To help me learn I’ve created some Quizlet sites.  These have helped a LOT.  There’s so much vocabulary to learn:  Names of moves, categories of moves, positions, etc. 


White belt level sets:

Main Class page:  Shotokan Karate.  White Belt Level Terminology

Study Sets:

1 Shotokan Karate.  White belt level: Stance

2  Shotokan Karate.  White belt level:  Blocking

3  Shotokan Karate. White belt: Blocking and Stances

4  Shotokan Karate.  White belt level:  Punching/punches, Striking/strikes

5  Shotokan Karate.  White belt level.  Kicks/kicking

6  Shotokan Karate.  White belt level.  General Terms



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