Punching and striking techniques (Tsuki and Uchi Waza)

Punching and striking techniques (Tsuki Uchi Waza)

02:30 hrs.
First time watching this video.
How to make a fist.
The 1st 2 knuckles.
The back of the hand (the back fist).
Hammer fist strike. Uses the bottom of the hand.
Spear hand. One strikes with the tips of the fingers striking soft spots. Bladder, throat, etc.
Knife hand strike.
Have a solid hand so that when you strike you don’t break something.

Energy, force, and power are being directed to a spot on a target.
Proper techinque.
Subtle things are done. Ie: Hip mvmt, breathing,

Straight punch. (Choko zuki?)
Start slow, go in a linear sequence.

Proper techniue, breathing, thinking, and visualization.
Other new Japanese terms.

There is Tsuki and there is Uchi waza. Clarify these.


Types of strikes & punches:
1. Choku Zuki (Straight punches).
2. Oi-Zuki
3. Gyaku Zuki
4. Tettsui Uchi

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