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The following are my best suggestions for ppl pursing GMAU/self study:

Looking back over the last 40 or so hours of training, the use of portable media has been effective.  I’ll continue to employ portable media in my study.  I’ll mention this to the Senseis.  I have found the following helpful and effective:
1.  Still images.  This includes still images of each stance with the name of the stance under the image.  Also, multiple POVs of the stance helps a lot as well, as does the halfway point and end point of each stance.
2.   Grouped images.  ie:  All the stances together, all the blocks together, etc.
3.   Downloading, printing out, and laminating the test order.
4.   A large portable device (in my case, my laptop) for use at the gym in an empty aerobics/biking room.

5.  Utilize/incorporate what I call ‘Variable Percentage Effort Training’.  Training effort can be spent at 100% of your effort down to 0% effort.  Learn to incorporate 25%, 50%, and 75% training effort.  This way when repetition of study is more important than accuracy or strength, you can do so with less exertion but with higher frequency.  In other words, do the practice test run-thru at 25% four times instead of at a level of 90% one time.


Sensei Michael recommends the following:
His top recommended middleweight gi (10 oz).   “That 10 oz gi has just the level of cripsness, pop, and durability you need, without it weighing you down.”

The 10 oz gi can be purchased here:
Century Martial Arts

Note:  Century Martial Arts wanted $45 to for Shipping! 

Here is a link to the lighterweight, less durable, cheaper 6 oz gi:
I wore the 6 oz gi for my Yellow Belt exam-in my opinion this is the best wt of gi to buy for GMAU students because we do not spar and it is far, far cooler than the 10 oz & far less fabric to haul around/carry during the exam. 

or here:
Shipping from was MUCH less than Century Martial Arts.
They only ship in the USA via UPS. 


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