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Shotokan Karate List of Japanese Vocabulary words White Belts need to know.


This term means ‘stance’ Dachi
This term means ‘stance’ Tachi-kata
Natural position Hachiji-dachi/Shizen-tai
Attention stance Musubi-dachi
Basic stance Moto-dachi
Front stance Zenkutsu-dachi
Back stance Kokutsu-dachi
Horse riding stance Kiba-dachi
L stance Renoji-dachi
Immovable stance Fudo-dachi
Closed foot stance Heisoku-dachi
Hourglass stance Sanchin-dachi
Parallel stance Heiko-dachi


This term means ‘to block’ Uke
This means ‘blocking techniques’ Uke-waza
Upper block/Rising block Age-uke
Knife Hand lock Shuto-uke
Down/downward block Gedan-barai


This term means ‘to punch’ Tsuki/Zuki
This term means ‘to srike’
Straight punch Choku-zuki
Lunge punch Oi-zuki
Reverse punch Gyaku-zuki
Hammer fist strike Tettsui-uchi

General Terms

Sparring Kumite
1 step sparring Ippon kumite
3 step sparring Sanbon kumite
Begin Hajime
Form Kata
Basic technique Kihon
Basic sparring Kihon kumite
to bow Rei
techinque Waza
stop Yame
Ready Yoi

This means ‘to kick’ Geri
Front snap kick Mae geri keage
Front thrust kick Mae geri kekomi


5/26/17  23:56

Jodan: Face area, head, high punch

Chudan: Chest area, middle area

Gedan: Lower body area

Mae: Front


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