Tettsui-uchi (Hammer fist strike)

5/24/17.  21:30.   I am watching the video:   Tettsui-Uchi (Hammer Fist Strike).   I’d posted a question/comment in the last week w/regards to the stance being set and THEN the arm motion occurring.  The Sensei replied (they are SO fast w/their response!) that yes, the stance is set 1st, then the arm action.

Now in this video I noticed this right off the bat-pretty neat.

The stance used is the L Stance (Renoji dachi).  I’ve been studying Japanese terms on Quizlet and I’m gettin’ good.

This is the first time we’ve struck w/the bottom of our hand.
The aim is the traps, top of the nose, collar bone.
Still the same twisting type of motion & breathing.


Hammer fist strike1

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