1. Front stance (Zenkutsu Dachi)

Front stance ‘Zenkutsu-dachi’.

The following are small screenshots of stances.  They’re not meant for practice, they’re meant for when one is sitting down & reading & learning about them/an introduction to them-to get the student in the ballpark as to what will be learned at this point in time:

Errors & problems students have:
Feet too narrow AND feet too close.  This is a wide stance even though the feet ARE far forward and back.
I need to be able to show what is incorrect I think so that I can understand what is correct.  I think knowing what not to do is important too.
Make sure to exaggerate the stances in the lower belt levels (make them wider and deeper).
Posture:  Don’t lean forward.

It’d sure be nice to have this video be more than 3 steps.  20 steps at a time would be great-lots of repetition.


5/17/17  7:27 pm

Before getting into Zenkutsu-dachi, get into Shizentai (the ready stance, feet apart shoulder width or a little more and angled like a ‘V’), then Heiko-dachi (feet parallel), then turning one foot 45 degrees, then getting into Moto-dachi, then into Zenkutsu-dachi. 

Also on the way to getting into Zenkutsu-dachi is Moto-dachi (basic stance).

Make sure the navel is straight ahead.

Zenkutsu-dachi stance is used when we go from stance to stance to stance forwards as well as backward when we are learning how to downward block (Gedan beri (sp?)).

I have been most successful in my practice of this stance by:  Getting used to being in it, turning the foot to 90 degrees first, not doing any arm movements when doing this, remembering to have the knees bent at all times in this stance, exaggerating this stance a little bit (my L knee gives me problems), going from stance to stance 5x and also across the entire racquetball court a few times.


Stance notes, breakdown & instruction: 5/17/17  8:03
The back leg is very straight. The back foot is at 45 degrees. In the stance the feet are shoulder width apart.  Don’t have the back foot be at 90 degrees because you can’t move/twist the hips (we need to be able to twist the hips).  Side pressure on both knees going out a bit (you don’t want the knees to collapse inwards).       

3 step, 2 step, 1 step pattern drill 4x.   Start off in Musubi-dachi (heels together feet in a ‘V’ and bow.  Step out into Shizentai (same ‘V’ but with feet shoulder width apart).  Step out into Zenkutu-dachi.
Keeping the knees bent, step forward and bring the back foot up to and next to the front foot.  The hands remain in the hips.   Next, step into Moto-dachi.  Turn the foot that will be the back foot to 45′, then step the front foot forwards to get into Zenkutsu-dachi.   Once in Zenkutsu-dachi you should be able to see your front toes.

At the end of the drill, first you swing your hand that is closet to the back leg like an inside block over the straight other arm and then you step back into Shizentai (‘V’ feet, feet apart). inhale while you elevate the heels and make a hand motion like you’re feeling your fat gut or tightening your white belt.      


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