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5/27/17. Quizlet, flu, kata.

My lungs are getting better-another damn flu going around.  Working graveyards doesn’t help.  Quizlet helps a LOT.  I’m getting MUCH better at Japanese terms.  I’m not able yet though to do the fill-in-the-blank tests.  I watched the Kata videos a few times.  I can now see each individual move & recognize & name the move.  I think what I need to do is be able to verbalize, well, recognize each move first, then be able to verbalize them.

Quizlet image 1

5/16/17 Japanese Vocabulary Practice on Quizlet

I spent about a half an hour today on Quizlet learning Japanese vocabulary.  Trying to come up with little ways to learn vocabulary words, etc.  It’s coming along.  Hopefully this’ll be the foundation/base of the vocab and from here on out it’ll be just building on it.  Or at least for many of the vocab.  Let’s hope so.