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Nov 22, 2017 Uraken Uchi (Back Fist Strike)

I think this video needs to be taken from up high with the Sensei’s back to the camera.  Secondly, this happens fast.  

June 16, 2017. Beginner Class 2.

I did this class:   Class 2 – Beginner Class.  It is a good full body workout  Plenty of warm up that’s not too tough with breaks in the activity, then the instruction and that has breaks in the activity.  Then practice stances.

I’ve not done Karate for 2 weeks-my lungs have just hurt too much and then the accompanying sleep needs.  Working graveyards doesn’t help.  What I need to do is not go out at night to places-cuz that’s how I picked up these 2 colds.  : (


Japanese vocab practice, Flu, sleep, 24 Hr Fitness

5/26/17 Friday night.  Been a little rough going-either this flu is hanging on or I picked up another one.  This is my first time practicing physically in…5 days?  Feeling better now.  Did vocab on Quizlet.  It’s 10:43 pm & I’m at 24 Hr Fitness.  Just did Kokutsu dachi drill-it’s used in the testing & kata.  Photo below (the lights in the room are blue neon O.O ).

Kokutsu dachi practice 1



5/26/17 10:56 pm.   Followed the Renoji dachi video.

11:01 pm.   Followed along with the Choku zuki video.  Straight punches.  Notes;  The hand is pronated until it twists at the end-in simultaneously with the twisting of the back hand as it is placed by the side and the slight twisting of the torso.

23: 30  Gyaku-zuki (Reverse Punch).  This punch/drill comes from the hourglass stance at first but later on in the 1 step drill it looks like that is dropped.   The hand that is doing the punching is the one that is on the same side as the back leg. This is opposite of Oi-zuki. 

I need to get a punching bag for the sister of that kid I’m taking care of so she can practice punching.  Tweeted Adam Carolla about his punching bag preferences.

23:33.  Oi-zuki.  Front lunge punch.  This is done in Zenkutsu dachi and the hand that is on the same side as the front leg is doing the punch.  This is the opposite hand that is used when doing Gyaku-zuki, the Reverse punch.