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Feb 23 ,2020 Practice: 7th Kyu Orange Example Test

It’s been months since I have worked out.  Reasons:
1.  The Orange Belt example test run-thru really took the wind out of my sails-extremely disappointing.   There’s mistakes & the kata run-thru contain errors.   The training video for one kata is not good enough.
2.  The 24 Hour Fitness chain closed most of it’s gyms between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.  They outta change the name to 20 hour fitness.
3.  I was sick.  It took two rounds of pet store antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria & then still 2 months after that I hadn’t completely recovered.
4.  The heat stroke has me still injured.  If I get my heart rate too high my heart hurts the next day. : (

I just did the OB practice test run-thru.

I think I might implement ‘Self Defense Sundays’.



Dec 20th 2017 Hot gi

Practice test run thrus for Yellow belt today.  I’m DONE wearing a 10oz gi.  This is ridiculous.  I’m getting an 8 oz.

The air conditioning was on-THAT was GREAT.
I used my racquetball shoes-THAT was GREAT.  But I DO need to make them a little more loose; loose like when I play racquetball.
My cocked arm’s forearm is not horizontal.
I need to tie my gi pants so they don’t loosen.   Maybe do a quick run thru/exercises with them before the test to make sure they stay tight.
My camera has a buzzing sound.  😦


Yellow belt test run thru

I just did a yellow belt test run thru on the racquetball court at LA Fitness.  75% effort.  It went very well.  I need to take another look at the ends of the movement pattern to see if the only angled movement occurs at the every end (of Heian Shodan) and examine what follows the Tettsui Uchi. I think I’ll film this on the racquetball court.

Nov 7 2017 Sample Belt Test – 8th Kyu Yellow – Filming and Practice Guide

It’s coming together but I still am not 100%.  
I’m not predicting the next group of moves that we demonstrate.
Heian shodan-need to work on Renoji dachi.
I need to go slower than this video.
I need to be able to do the whole thing myself (w/o watching the video).

Practice test run thru.

Oct 15, 2017.  I did a practice test run thru at 24 Hr. Fitness. The presentation of the skills needs to be solid;  Definitive demonstration of the skill, definitive entry into each demonstration, clear cut elements between ea. presentation, etc.

Need to look into getting a Gi for the exam.

Need to start practicing barefoot or find specific shoes for Karate.

Need to do dry run thru’s with video equipment.


Practice Test 1st time thru

I followed along with the practice test.  I need more practice.  More room, shoot straight on, know the order.

I reviewed my video.  The good news is that I was able to follow along and do the whole thing, so I’ve got the CV endurance, so that’s good.  I’ve also got the large room TO do it in, so that’s good. And I’ve got an idea & the fundamentals (they are not crisp but I have them).

Corrections to make:
1.  Shoot the video with my head in it.  Probably stand back further from the camera.
2.  Shoot straight on.  Raise the camera.
3.  Be able to stabilize/hold the camera.
4.  Lose wt.
5.  Get in a stance and hold it/freeze-don’t bounce around.
6.  Keep pinky finger in.
7.  Keep fingers together at all times.
8.  Practice knife strike/block 10x walking forwards and back.
9.  Practice back stance.
10.  Make fists be fists.
11.  Back the tables and chairs way back.
12.  Bow with fingers together.
13.  Fully extend the arm in a punch
14.  Practice hammer fist strike.
15.  Think about what the move is and what the movement entails before doing it.
16.  Don’t lose/let up on the stance when doing an arm movement part.
17.  Differentiate kicks.
18.  During kicks, keep arms diagonal at sides.  Maintain the arms during it the whole time.
19.  Slow down the arm movements when doing the parts when the feet are stationary.
20.  Don’t bounce.   Slow down.
21.  Turn off cell phone alarms.
22.  Don’t swing the arms between movements/while pausing/resting.
23.  Learn the vernacular & what’s next.
24.  Hold that back arm/fist in the right spot when the other hand punches.
25.  Write up the order on Quizlet.