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Jan. 16, 2019.

My 1st karate workout in 3 months. My R ankle is a little hot after 1/2 hr. I did a yellow belt class.

Lower back: Bettter but got worse. Heavy patients in hospital beds, grr.

Hernias: Spiked yesterday. Ow.

Colds: Almost gone! Haven’t taken cold medicine in at LEAST a wk, maybe 2!

9/1/18. Solo Kumite practice class

Had an hour long workout today.  Not bad, not bad.  In fact, MUCH better when I switched to shorts that go to mid-quadricep and turned the big fan towards me.  Lots of lag.  Did the orange belt test follow along until the guy moved the camera, then the switched to the partner practice. 

July 1, 2018 7th Kyu Orange – General Training Class 2

The first 26 mins I didn’t learn anything.  That being said, I can use the first part to build endurance.  

Eventually it gets into static and dynamic Kihon drills, but not until 26:00 was I able to really refine or learn anything-cuz at 26:00 the new blocks appear.  This block is slow, then fast.  I need an intermediate speed in there & for more than 10 reps.  I say slow for 10x, medium 5x, slow 10x, medium 5x, etc.  

Dec 20th 2017 Hot gi

Practice test run thrus for Yellow belt today.  I’m DONE wearing a 10oz gi.  This is ridiculous.  I’m getting an 8 oz.

The air conditioning was on-THAT was GREAT.
I used my racquetball shoes-THAT was GREAT.  But I DO need to make them a little more loose; loose like when I play racquetball.
My cocked arm’s forearm is not horizontal.
I need to tie my gi pants so they don’t loosen.   Maybe do a quick run thru/exercises with them before the test to make sure they stay tight.
My camera has a buzzing sound.  😦


Yellow belt test run thru

I just did a yellow belt test run thru on the racquetball court at LA Fitness.  75% effort.  It went very well.  I need to take another look at the ends of the movement pattern to see if the only angled movement occurs at the every end (of Heian Shodan) and examine what follows the Tettsui Uchi. I think I’ll film this on the racquetball court.


I need to make an errors page to help out the Senseis.  
I got an extra day/week at a home health job.  That’ll pay for the gi & shoes & the donation to GMAU I keep meaning to make.
The laminated test printout is terrific.  I’ll definitely do that from now on.
I still need to watch the partner videos slower and analyze them.
I got a huge roll of paper from a photographer.  He’d used them for backdrops and had gobs of the things.  I’ll put the test order on it in big marker.
Place to test:
In the racquetball court at the gym:  Excellent lighting, huge open space, walls to hang up (tape up the order of the test/requirements), nice looking wood floor with floor boards, distraction-free background, good acoustics, at the gym, room for a tripod, solitary.