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Feb. 20, 2019. Easy going workout. 7th Kyu Orange – General Training Class 2

‘Took it easy due to my heart & heart rate issues. ‘Didn’t want to get it hot. Still wanted to work it out to get my BP down tho’. Paused the video at least 10 times to keep my HR under 100.
Not too many problems w/my body. R ankle is looser but still hot. Torso didn’t get hot. Hernias didn’t bother me but I took it easy at work this week.

In the aerobics room at 24 Hr. Fitness in Huntington Beach on fAtlanta and Magnolia.
Oh, did 12 mins of Kumites but I think I am doing too many of them, I think we are supposed to only do the Orange Belt Kumites.

Feb. 10, 2019. 1st workout in 3 months.

My first workout in 3 months.  I did this class:  7th Kyu Orange – General Training Class 1, the first class for ppl training to get the Orange Belt.  ‘Went well, but I eased in; I didn’t do all the reps of everything at first, I monitored my HR, I didn’t put out 100% effort every move, and I stopped about 5 times (?) to lower my heart rate every time my heart got hot. 

Stretched a lot. 

Kept my heart rate below 120 for sure, below 110 for sure, and once it got over 100 I felt my heart get hot.  At that point I sat down and did stretches.

I’m not sure if what I had a month ago was a heart attack or not so I’m just going to take things easy.   

Feb. 8, 2019. Injury Report.

4 months since I’ve worked out.  Jeez.  Oh, & pretty much worked out doing anything, not just GMAU items. 

1.  R ankle is tight.  I think it’s fine it just needs stretching.  Dunno how I injured that. 
2.  Hernias are better but still there.  R abd one seems to be the main culprit at the moment.   Inguinal are ok, but the R abd one I’ll have to watch.  ‘Have to hold my side when I cough or laugh.  I’m hoping as I drop wt and build abs it’ll improve. 
3.  Back is fine.   Well, not fine, just back to being what it normally is-full of knots and pops and cracks when I wiggle the right way.   Just have to watch it pulling the heavy patient up in bed. 
4.  3 colds in 3 months-2 bacterias and one flu.  I still have a bit of a cough but no fever. 
5.  R eye is no longer puffy.  Dunno how I injured that. 
6.  Head.  Self surgery a success again.  That’s lump #3 gone.  ‘Took care of 2 lumps 2 years ago, now 3 more have popped up.  All those years working in hospitals and surgery centers have paid off.  For <$20, I got an Xacto knife from Home Depot, rubbing alcohol and 4x4s from the drug store, and in 40 mins, whatever the hell barnacle was growing on my head is now gone.  3 weeks to completely heal/there to be no squishy spot on my head.  Now there’s just a slight dent.  Whatever. 

I think that’s it.