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Geri (Kicking) Training – Class 7

June 13, 2018.   This is a very good class that should be taken multiple times.  Very good instruction and drills regarding kicking.  

Nov 19 2017. Reviewing videos

I’m at 24 Hr Fitness reviewing and following along videos.  GMAU has a new ‘completed’ feature.  Good time to go back & review.  I have a much more critical eye now that I’ve got 40 hrs of practice done. 

Class 13 – Kumite Striking and Blocking

10/12/17  This class has a lot of boxing and kickboxing in it.  It is neat to learn and I’m glad to have it.  However, I do not recommend rewatching this video if one is looking for karate class per-se.  Great class, not condusive to studying for the belt upgrade though.  Very insightful.  I will watch it again when I am not in ‘karate learning’ mode as I am now. 

June 16, 2017. Beginner Class 2.

I did this class:   Class 2 – Beginner Class.  It is a good full body workout  Plenty of warm up that’s not too tough with breaks in the activity, then the instruction and that has breaks in the activity.  Then practice stances.

I’ve not done Karate for 2 weeks-my lungs have just hurt too much and then the accompanying sleep needs.  Working graveyards doesn’t help.  What I need to do is not go out at night to places-cuz that’s how I picked up these 2 colds.  : (