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8.20.19. OB Test practice

Day #2 of running thru the Orange Belt test.

It’s great GMAU changed the practice video. This is MUCH easier to follow along.

My heart is holding up. Switched up diet even more-GOTTA get rid of even MORE sodium. Ugh. Lots more fruit bowls, half salad dressing, veggie cups. I really don’t mind at all, I could care less about what I eat, I just don’t like feeling so bad.

R ankle still not flexible enough. Jeez.

Feb. 20, 2019. Easy going workout. 7th Kyu Orange – General Training Class 2

‘Took it easy due to my heart & heart rate issues. ‘Didn’t want to get it hot. Still wanted to work it out to get my BP down tho’. Paused the video at least 10 times to keep my HR under 100.
Not too many problems w/my body. R ankle is looser but still hot. Torso didn’t get hot. Hernias didn’t bother me but I took it easy at work this week.

In the aerobics room at 24 Hr. Fitness in Huntington Beach on fAtlanta and Magnolia.
Oh, did 12 mins of Kumites but I think I am doing too many of them, I think we are supposed to only do the Orange Belt Kumites.

8/28/18. Sample Belt Test – 7th Kyu Orange – Filming and Practice Guide

Long day studying Excel.¬† ‘Thought I’d get in some exercise tonight since I was sitting all day long, even if I’d work out at 20% effort.¬† Well, I’m 20 minutes into working out and I’m at 50% effort.¬† Not bad.¬† Plus, my lungs hurt.¬†¬†

Running thru the Orange belt test Jonas made,even tho’ he screws it up at the end.¬† We need to remake this.¬†

April 10th, 2018 workout.

I have done the following:

Age Uke (Rising Block) Kihon Drill.  The turn was confusing-the blocking, the direction of turn, and the arm movement.
Gedan Barai (Downward Block) – Kihon Drill.¬† This cleared up the turning direction.¬† I assume the turning direction/movement is the same as it was in the Age Uke.¬† I’ll have to reexamine this when I have an educated eye.
Looked at the test list. 

Sent an e-mail to Sensei Michael re:  Changing the order the Age Uke and Gedan Barai drills are listed/presented on the page.  
Neko Ashi Dachi (Cat Stance)

Lots more review at this level than I’d thought.

Followed along with this:
Sanbon Kumite (Three Step Sparring)
The double hand block to strike will require further study.

Darn wifi here at the gym.¬† Kept cutting out on me.¬† ūüė¶¬†

Feb 16, 2018. 1st Orange belt class. 7th Kyu Orange ‚Äď General Training Class 1

Did 30 mins of this class:   7th Kyu Orange РGeneral Training Class 1

Guy in the bike room is biking and singing.  And not very well.

First class at the Orange belt level.  Seems to be variations on a theme.
Not sure but I think there are less classes.

Things have been rocky.  Got moved up to full time at my pediatric home health job on a Tuesday and by Friday the patient had died.  Been scrambling ever since.

Nov 7 2017 Sample Belt Test – 8th Kyu Yellow – Filming and Practice Guide

It’s coming together but I still am not 100%.¬†¬†
I’m not predicting the next group of moves that we demonstrate.
Heian shodan-need to work on Renoji dachi.
I need to go slower than this video.
I need to be able to do the whole thing myself (w/o watching the video).

Oct 27 2017 10 Minute Total Body Shotokan Workout

First time doing this.¬† This scoots along pretty quick, isn’t what I need to do first thing cuz of my left knee, and you are up and down changing positions more than a Catholic during mass.

Here’s some lousy pictures from the terrible camera on my laptop.¬† I will obviously not use this camera for when I test:

Practice test run thru.

Oct 15, 2017.  I did a practice test run thru at 24 Hr. Fitness. The presentation of the skills needs to be solid;  Definitive demonstration of the skill, definitive entry into each demonstration, clear cut elements between ea. presentation, etc.

Need to look into getting a Gi for the exam.

Need to start practicing barefoot or find specific shoes for Karate.

Need to do dry run thru’s with video equipment.


June 16, 2017. Beginner Class 2.

I did this class: ¬†¬†Class 2 – Beginner Class. ¬†It is a good full body workout ¬†Plenty of warm up that’s not too tough with breaks in the activity, then the instruction and that has breaks in the activity. ¬†Then practice stances.

I’ve not done Karate for 2 weeks-my lungs have just hurt too much and then the accompanying sleep needs. ¬†Working graveyards doesn’t help. ¬†What I need to do is not go out at night to places-cuz that’s how I picked up these 2 colds. ¬†: (


Japanese vocab practice, Flu, sleep, 24 Hr Fitness

5/26/17¬†Friday night. ¬†Been a little rough going-either this flu is hanging on or I picked up another one. ¬†This is my first time practicing physically in…5 days? ¬†Feeling better now. ¬†Did vocab on Quizlet. ¬†It’s 10:43 pm & I’m at 24 Hr Fitness. ¬†Just did Kokutsu dachi drill-it’s used in the testing & kata. ¬†Photo below (the lights in the room are blue neon O.O ).

Kokutsu dachi practice 1



5/26/17 10:56 pm.   Followed the Renoji dachi video.

11:01 pm.   Followed along with the Choku zuki video.  Straight punches.  Notes;  The hand is pronated until it twists at the end-in simultaneously with the twisting of the back hand as it is placed by the side and the slight twisting of the torso.

23: 30  Gyaku-zuki (Reverse Punch).  This punch/drill comes from the hourglass stance at first but later on in the 1 step drill it looks like that is dropped.   The hand that is doing the punching is the one that is on the same side as the back leg. This is opposite of Oi-zuki. 

I need to get a punching bag for the sister of that kid I’m taking care of so she can practice punching. ¬†Tweeted Adam Carolla about his punching bag preferences.

23:33.  Oi-zuki.  Front lunge punch.  This is done in Zenkutsu dachi and the hand that is on the same side as the front leg is doing the punch.  This is the opposite hand that is used when doing Gyaku-zuki, the Reverse punch.