Blocking drills. Combining blocks.

5/19/17.  23:43.
After building up some tolerance to the exercising, building up the muscles needed, and not having to worry about getting into and out of and advancing and retreating in Zenkutsu dachi, and once one can do Age uke and Gedan barai (Rising block and Downward block), one can practice one block 5x or 10x in Zenkutsu dachi, then switch to the other block, then advance to the other side in Zenkutsu dachi and repeat the blocking practice.  Then practice doing so while retreating as well.  This only works when one is good at the stepping and good at the two blocks-even then, I’m making mistakes.

Japanese vocab practice off the top of my head:
Kata:  Form
Zenkutsu dachi:  Front stance
DachI:  Stance
Heiko dachi:  Feet close together & parallel
Kokutsu dachi:  Back stance

Shizentai:  Ready position
Yoi:  To bow
Gedan barai:  Downward block
Age uke:  Upward block
Moto dachi:  Wide stance
Misubu dachi:  Attention stance
Renoji dachi:  L stance
Sanchin dachi:  S stance?
I’ll check these later.  

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