Basic warm ups

Warm ups:
(this would be a great video to have on my pad device).

Jumping Jacks.  30 seconds.

Bend over, legs straight, stretch hamstrings by trying to touch toes.  Same thing w/feet apart slightly, then further.  

Stride punches.

Arm across body stretch

Front leg swings in a fighting stance.

Snap kicks in a fighting stance.

Thrust kicks in a fighting stance.

Frog legs slight squats then side to side swinging squats, hands can be on a quad.

Standing punches

Standing blocks.

1.  Head rolls.  Clockwise & counter clockwise.

2.  Shoulder rolls.  Always start from the top.  Looks like a shrug then more rolling.  Forward & backwards w/the shoulders.  Take time.

3. Arm Circles.  Like shoulder circles but w/the arms.  Clockwise & counterclockwise.

4.  Torso Twist.  Elbows near the sides.  Twist the torso until the chest faces the L then to the R.

5.  ‘Washing Machine’.  Hip rotating like you’re hula-hooping.  aka “Full body roll’.  Hands on the hips.  Include the knees and ankles.

6.  Knee circles.  Put the feet together.  Like you’re hula-hooping but with the knees. Hand on legs above knees.

7.  Ankles.  Elevate the heels (lift the heels off the ground) by standing on the balls of the feet.

8.  Stretch.  Hamstring.  Feet close.  Don’t bounce.  Hang down hands almost touching toes.

9.  Stretch.  Arch back & lean back.  Stretching anterior side of the body.

10.  Lateral side stretch.  Turn chest 90 degrees, slide hands down lateral side of leg.   Then reach up & stretch like a teapot sliding one hand down the lateral side of one leg w/chest facing forward.

11.  Legs wide.  Lean over, touch floor in front.   Take it easy.

12.  Jogging in place.   Start off slow.

Floor work:

Push ups
Sit ups-varying types

Done w/warm up.

Videos good for warming up:

Class 1 – Beginner Class


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