2. Back stance (Kokutsu Dachi)

Training, Lessons, Back Stance (Kokutsu Dachi).  

The center of the wt is moved back from the opponent.  The feet are 90′ to ea. other.  The front foot is pointed at the opponent, the back foot perpendicular to the front.  If there was tape on the ground. the heel of the back foot would fall on the line that the front foot’s ball and heel lay on.  Wt distribution:  70% on back, 30% on the front.  Back knee is bent & over the toes of the back foot.  You can look over your front knee and see your toes.  Belly button at 45′.  <funny  Smacks quads and says “Right here”>.
Kihon drills.  3 steps, 2 steps, 1 step.   3 times forward then 3 x back.
3 steps:  Start w/Subi dachi. .  Bow, step into Shizentai.  Put back foot at 90′ first, then step out w/front foot.  You do Renoji dachi along the way.   This is a good video, I can follow along with this video too.
Created ‘Back stance Kokutsu Dachi yellow belt test items’ jpg screenshot.

5/18/17 05:00  Kokutsu dachi practice & review.  

10/4/17   My left knee seems to give me problems in Kokutsu dachi.  It’s that rudy on the trampoline injury.  Wow.  



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Error:  11:00  “Step this foot at 45′.”?

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