Age Uke (Rising Block)

Age Uke (Rising Block)
First time watching this.
This is a lot of vocabulary and a lot of being able to match the vocabulary with the correct maneuver or body position. I need to make a Quizlet class on this.
Practice going from Z stance to Z stance with a firm abdomen. Also, take a step then do the block 5 or 10 times, take a step then do the block 5 or 10 times (w/ea arm or switching). Same thing going backwards.

Notes on this block:
5/9/17  20:10
There is a pointing at the target by the non-blocking arm and hand.
The hand that is pointing is flat.   The hand is not in a fist.
We do this in the stance ‘Zenkutsu dachi’ (the front stance).
Start off in Shizentai
01:  Mark the target.
02:  Make a cross. The hand closest to the face is still flat (not in a fist).  Palm towards face.
03:  The hand the fist has-that hand twists at the end. This serves to redirect the energy of whatever is coming at you.
04:  The knees slightly bend in the middle of the move as force is exerted some time at the top.
05:  You get into a downblock.
06:  There is a turning of the hip.
07:  Get into Zenkutsu dachi (front stance) and do a Gedan barai (Downward block).   Do the down block the right way.

age uke sequence

5/19/17  23:42.  It would appear that the arms only begin their movement when the advancing foot has been planted.


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