Adam. Yellow belt test attempt. Dec 20th 2017.


Unlike a ‘go to’ martial arts class, GMAU does not have instant feedback.  Therefore, it falls on the student to self-assess.  The GMAU student wishing to improve must analyze a video of themself, list the errors and what needs to improve, then re-film oneself and re-watch with a critical eye.  This is the spot in my blog in which I do so.

This page covers the events that occurred on Dec. 20th, 2017.  I am getting ready to take the 8th Kyu Yellow Belt test. 
1.  A pre-test planning discussion.
2.  The test.
3.  A post test evaluation and analysis. 

Note:  The viewing settings on these videos might be set to ‘private’.  Please e-mail me if you are a GMAU student and I’ll let you view them if it is to help you in your progress.  Thank you. 

Pre test talk and plan:



The practice test:


My post test video:


Talk, assessment (subjectively and objectively), evaluation, planning for next time, and notes (copied from Microsoft Word).: 

Adam Yellow Belt test attempt. Dec 20th 2017. Post test talk and eval.
Adam Bein

The following notes are what I observed from watching my video of myself.  I wrote down what immediately came to mind in Word.  I have pasted my notes here.  I believe that due to the nature of the instruction students receive at GMAU, each student needs to do this as well.

Post practice test Assessment, Evaluation, and Errors I made:
1. The camera makes a terrible noise during recording. I thought it was water in the pipes when I filmed the 1st video but nope, it’s the camera.
2. It looks good walking in from the side.  I’ll do this from now on. 
3. Tie pants securely.  Note:  Buy new pants. 
4. Loosen shoes as loose as I have them when I play racquetball.  They are just too tight. 
5. Stances: Begin further away. Move the front closest cones to the camera to the bottom edge of the camera view.
6. Get a longer belt.
7. Move the papers closer to the wall.
8. Make the font bigger and punctuate it correctly.
9. Slightly turn the papers.
10. Even tho the video quality isn’t great it is bad enough to where it still works-and no one can recognize me.  Ha!  That being said, I look like Luke Skywalker. 
11. After finishing the last of the movement one direction (ie: Zenkutsu dachi to the R), stand straight up and THEN turn to the camera. Don’t stand and turn simultaneously. 1:00
12. Make the hand slap on legs better by pausing for one second and then bowing.
13. Kokutsu dachi- Make sure I am not leaning back too much and make sure my chest is facing the proper direction. I think my chest is not directly facing the side wall. Also, make sure the feet are perpendicular and intersect.
14. Bowing at 1:40. Be more formal with the bow.
15. Oi zuki. 2:17. Feet are wrong. 02:19. Cocked arm’s forearm is incorrect-it is not horizontal. Hold the punch at the end to be crisp.
16. Gyaku zuki: Stop wiggling the torso prior to executing the strike.
17. 3:27. Loudness is good. I can be louder and it’d be a little better but this volume will work.
18. Age uke. 4:47. The cocked arm’s forearm is not parallel with the floor. 4:49. Is the face supposed to turn or face directly forward?
19. 8:09. Kicks look fine.
20. 15:36 Gedan barai-head turns to side. Should it?

Screenshots of problems:




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