July 4, 2020. Corona Virus.

Over the last 2 weeks or so I have been able to return to practicing Karate.  Over the last 3 months, gyms, restaurants, bars, beaches, stores, schools, public offices-just about everything has been in some stage of being closed.   This, due to the response of the threat of a flu virus-a frickin’ flu virus.

It is now the 1st week of July.  Thank the Lord L.A. Fitness has reopened AND it’s not crowded.  I have the upstairs exercise bike room almost completely to myself almost each time I’m there almost all the time I’m there.

Dave the Airline Pilot returned his iPad Air to the airlines.  They deleted everything, reset it, then sold it back to him, then moi, for…$130?  Something like that.  While the Apple Store is lousy for apps that assist w/learning to write computer code, the gizmo is a pretty good tablet to use for practicing Karate.  My laptop simply does not fit in the space on the podium in front of the class cuz some dummy put a monitor smack dab in the middle, but this tablet does.  Also, I can plug in the table directly to the monitor.  While I haven’t been able to figure out how to transmit to the monitor, I can at least charge incognito and follow along.

The barriers for training have been:
The effects of heat stroke.
My cardiovascular endurance.
My extra weight.
Gym hours.
Having a gizmo that’ll work.
The Orange Belt follow along exam.  Ugh.  What the hell?!

Oh, 24 Hour Fitness-prior to the virus ceased being open 24 Hours.  Midnight to 0400 they are closed.  Now, even worse.

I have begun to stretch more.
Constant back pain along spine in upper back.
Buttocks.  Both.
Groin strain.  OW, good heavens.

Ice did wonders for my groin.  I had to buy an ice chest, fill it with ice and small soda pop cans, then stuff cold soda pop cans down inside my underwear to freeze/decrease the swelling.  MUCH better.

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