8.20.19. OB Test practice

Day #2 of running thru the Orange Belt test.

It’s great GMAU changed the practice video. This is MUCH easier to follow along.

My heart is holding up. Switched up diet even more-GOTTA get rid of even MORE sodium. Ugh. Lots more fruit bowls, half salad dressing, veggie cups. I really don’t mind at all, I could care less about what I eat, I just don’t like feeling so bad.

R ankle still not flexible enough. Jeez.

8/13/19 Studying for OB exam-my constant confusion w/Kata list


6 months later & I am still having problems with the kata list.  Click on the above images to be sent into ‘Gallery’ mode where the image will be much larger & easier to see.    This is a screenshot of the criteria covered on the exam but the kata are not specifically spelled out.  I think it’d just be clear & specific if the katas themselves were listed=perhaps like this:

YB Kata:  Taikyoku nidan
YB Kata:  Heian Shodan

OB Kata:  Taikyoku Nidan
OB Kata:  Heian Nidan

I STILL don’t know if the above is correct.
The following is a screenshot:

Change this to specifics Katas 1

8/7/19 Workout

Feeling MUCH better-rested, not tired, took a nap, super tired the last few weeks, not coughing, no green stuff making my lung flutter (maybe cuz I swam), heart holding up ok but hurts a bit and misses a beat at about the 16th beat or is weak. R ankle still unstable.L knee still unstable.Showed ‘Oscar’ GMAU. Cracked ea other’s backs. In aerobics room at 24 Hr. Fatness HB on Adams.