Feb. 10, 2019. 1st workout in 3 months.

My first workout in 3 months.  I did this class:  7th Kyu Orange – General Training Class 1, the first class for ppl training to get the Orange Belt.  ‘Went well, but I eased in; I didn’t do all the reps of everything at first, I monitored my HR, I didn’t put out 100% effort every move, and I stopped about 5 times (?) to lower my heart rate every time my heart got hot. 

Stretched a lot. 

Kept my heart rate below 120 for sure, below 110 for sure, and once it got over 100 I felt my heart get hot.  At that point I sat down and did stretches.

I’m not sure if what I had a month ago was a heart attack or not so I’m just going to take things easy.   

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