GMAU April Fool’s Prank video ideas.

April Fools prank videos?
Some ideas:
As you go thru a video all those things behind you on the walls fall off the walls one by one.
You do a complete video with those items in the background upsidedown.
You change the belt ranking. “We at GMAU have decided that the more you know the more you don’t know, so from now on everyone STARTS at the Black Belt level and moves up to the White Belt level.”
Invent knew silly moves. ie: Hops, the Chicken strike, Snake hand attack, an all thumbs attack video, a new yell, etc.
Make a new kata. Include odd moves-dive roll, Charlie Chaplin feet, 720 degree spin, ballet moves, Jazz hands, etc.
Partner sparring a la the modern dance group ‘Pilobolus’ (men who are wrestlers climbing on one another, very neat).
A video on conflict deescalation that includes googly eyes, bad breath chewing gum, foaming at the mouth “Because no one dares get into a fight with someone with an obvious case of rabies!”, etc.
A new type of weapon. Xmas paper wrapping tube, mini-chucks (two chop sticks tied together), spork, pool noodle, coffee in the face.
Trendier gi’s:  Shorter legs (shorts?!), skinny gi’s, tie-dye, carpet, shimmering.
GMAU Competitor.  ‘Karate Karl’s Discount online Martial Arts Training’.  

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