March 8, 2018. Orange Belt: Gyaku Zuki (Reverse Punch) – Kihon Drill

I watched this video at Starbucks.  

Been a lot going on.  The pediatric patient died, I had to deal with that.  I took 2 weeks off to deal with that emotionally and to get over that awful cold that swept the country.  ‘Got a new job and it’s stabilized-somewhat, so I can entertain training and working out again. 

GMAU added ‘assignments’ and ‘stripes’.  Good.  

I need to clean up the website.  Change the blog page name and clean up the tags & categories. 

I am concerned about the Orange Belt test kata.  I think the only video we have to go by is the student video, the guy in his living room, the European guy.  It’s great quality but he restarts after he makes a few errors.  I’ll look into that. 

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