I Passed the Yellow Belt Exam! O.O

Holy smokes, I passed the Yellow Belt exam!  O.O  That’s amazing.   Also what’s amazing is that I actually KNOW things in Karate!  I know, that may sound silly, even moreso to ppl who are advanced IN Karate, but it’s true.  To get even more philosophical, reaching a level of competency in a movement Art, an agreed upon level of competency.  

The good Lord has graced us with so many faculties-sight, hearing, sensing, communication, movement, fingers, recognition of tone…   Is it not our duty TO explore those faculties?  Is to not to sin, so slap the Lord in the face and say “Hey bub, you know what, I don’t give a crap what you gave me that is awesome-I’M not going to utilize it!”.  

I say yes. 

Well, Adam Bein the Yellowbelt says “Yes”.  lol 


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