Bought a gi and equipment.

Today I bought a gi.  Found a guy on Craigslist selling a size 5 white Shotokan Karate gi with the pants, unopened.  I also picked up from him:
4 escrima sticks
2 sai.
Rubber nunchuku
Belts:  Yellow and orange.
2 books:  Nunchuku and sai.
A martial arts bag for carrying the items.

I bought them from a guy named ‘Luke’.  Energetic and nice, Luke was very willing w/o asking to show me things, teach me things, and impart knowledge.  This guy’s got a great attitude. He works way down in Mission Viejo in the same bldg as the Saddleback Church Corp. HQ’s on El Toro.  If I ever need to practice or get advice I’m sure he’d step up to the plate. 

I went to Bushido, a martial arts supply company.  Santa Ana, CA.  I bought:
A foam bo.  5′ long.  I went with the short foam staff because the purpose of the short one is to have a long light staff.  Plus I can resell it to a young person later on. 
Solid bo case.  Keep the bo looking good for resale-and to carry so no one will get upset. 
Sai case.  Keep the rubber sai looking good for resale and to carry so no one will get upset. 
Shoes with clear soles (so I don’t mark up the racquetball court’s floor).

The Bushido shop isn’t a store or a showroom.  There’s a few uniforms hanging in there but beyond that, zilch.  The guys there were very helpful and zero attitude-other than rolling out the red carpet and being spot-on with items as I requested them.  I can’t say enough good things about Bushido Martial Arts Supply.  


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