I need to make an errors page to help out the Senseis.  
I got an extra day/week at a home health job.  That’ll pay for the gi & shoes & the donation to GMAU I keep meaning to make.
The laminated test printout is terrific.  I’ll definitely do that from now on.
I still need to watch the partner videos slower and analyze them.
I got a huge roll of paper from a photographer.  He’d used them for backdrops and had gobs of the things.  I’ll put the test order on it in big marker.
Place to test:
In the racquetball court at the gym:  Excellent lighting, huge open space, walls to hang up (tape up the order of the test/requirements), nice looking wood floor with floor boards, distraction-free background, good acoustics, at the gym, room for a tripod, solitary.

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