Practice Test 1st time thru

I followed along with the practice test.  I need more practice.  More room, shoot straight on, know the order.

I reviewed my video.  The good news is that I was able to follow along and do the whole thing, so I’ve got the CV endurance, so that’s good.  I’ve also got the large room TO do it in, so that’s good. And I’ve got an idea & the fundamentals (they are not crisp but I have them).

Corrections to make:
1.  Shoot the video with my head in it.  Probably stand back further from the camera.
2.  Shoot straight on.  Raise the camera.
3.  Be able to stabilize/hold the camera.
4.  Lose wt.
5.  Get in a stance and hold it/freeze-don’t bounce around.
6.  Keep pinky finger in.
7.  Keep fingers together at all times.
8.  Practice knife strike/block 10x walking forwards and back.
9.  Practice back stance.
10.  Make fists be fists.
11.  Back the tables and chairs way back.
12.  Bow with fingers together.
13.  Fully extend the arm in a punch
14.  Practice hammer fist strike.
15.  Think about what the move is and what the movement entails before doing it.
16.  Don’t lose/let up on the stance when doing an arm movement part.
17.  Differentiate kicks.
18.  During kicks, keep arms diagonal at sides.  Maintain the arms during it the whole time.
19.  Slow down the arm movements when doing the parts when the feet are stationary.
20.  Don’t bounce.   Slow down.
21.  Turn off cell phone alarms.
22.  Don’t swing the arms between movements/while pausing/resting.
23.  Learn the vernacular & what’s next.
24.  Hold that back arm/fist in the right spot when the other hand punches.
25.  Write up the order on Quizlet.










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