Class 5 – Beginner Kata Class

The most intricate Kata class.  Rewatch this and separate the Katas.

Katas we learn:
1.  Kihon Kata .  This, I think, is the most basic kata.

Kata patterns run-throughs by time:
1st run-thru.  Just stances.  This is great to just learn the stances and the movement between them because it isolates the stances.  No arm movement.
2nd run-thru.  Starts at 7:30.  Just stances. No arm movement.
3rd run-thru.  Starts at 9:45 has the arm movements/with Kihon.
4th run-thru.  Starts at 12:05.  Back view.
5th run-thru.  Starts at 13:47.  Front view.
6th run-thru.  Starts at 15:30.  Has more speed & power.
7th  run-thru. Starts at 16:50.  From an angle.  Front view.  Slow.
8th run-thru.  Starts at 18:35.  From an angle.  Back view.   Slow.
9th run-thru.  Starts at 20:55.  Taikyoku Shodan.  Front view.
10th run-thru.  Starts at 22:20.  Taikyoku Shodan.  Back view.
11th run-thru. Starts at 23:30  Heian Shodan (the ‘Traditional Kata’).  Front view. Counting is a little off at the end for a quick moment.
12th run thru.  Starts at 24:45.  Heian Shodan (the ‘Traditional Kata’).   Back view.  A little slower than the front view version.



2.  The traditional kata:  Heian Shodan.  The Heian Shodan kata is almost the same as Taikyoku Shodan  This is one step up from the ‘Kihon’ kata.  It adds 45 degree movements, Kokutsu (back stance), knife hand strikes, and hammer strikes.



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