Sat. May 6th, 2017

I am up super-early to go to a continuing education unit class for 6 hrs.  ‘Stopped by Starbucks across from Disneyland.  

Boy, is this a damn good decision I made to sign up.  It really gives me something to think about and to look forward to-and to be excited about.  I even feel better physically-the light workouts do wonders.  Amazing.

So far I’ve learned:
Stances (7 or 8 or maybe even 10)
Moving forwards and backwards in one stance.
How to navigate the GMAU website.

I’ve made all sorts of super neat screenshots to follow-and analyze (that may be the most important).

Now I’m on to blocking.  I’ve started out with a ‘Downward Block’.

I watched this video:   Kihon Kata – Taikyoku Shodan  It looks like it is a series of movements with a change in directions of moving, attacking, and blocking.  From a bird’s eye view the pattern is an ‘H’.  I wonder if this is a long held traditional element.  I’m going to have to look into that.



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