Video lesson notes: Zenkutsu Dachi (Front Stance)

I am watching this video for the 3rd time.  These are my notes.

This is a very very good video.  When people make videos like this it just makes me angry that other people cannot or will not deliver quality education.  Obviously it’s possible. This Sensei really has his act together-I’m honestly excited and I feel as if there are no unnecessary barriers in my way of learning.  I am genuinely excited now.  If I get a yellow belt I’ll be simply stunned-and happy and actually a bit proud of myself.  I see the time frame-this is actually doable.  I need to figure out how many hours a day to practice & study. 

WB Stance 5 Zenkutsu dachi Front Stance

IN this stance, the front foot faces forward and the back is at at 1 or 2 o’clock (or 10 or 11 depending on which foot’s back).
The front knee is bent for sure.

I like how the Sensei uses tape on the floor.  That helps a lot-especially when he moves and makes the diagonal presentation.

The Sensei really breaks down the movements well!  This is great!

Lines:  18″-24″ apart.

Start by bowing in the heels together position, then move to the ready position (Shizentai) (feet shoulder width apart).

First he turned the foot that will be the back foot.  He turned it to 45′.  The foot has to be at 45′ so the hips can turn during punching.  A common error is to have the back foot at 90′.  That doesn’t let you be able to turn your hips & shoulders enough if at all.
Then he stepped ahead with his other foot.
The back leg is slightly bent also.
The front knee has a little bit of pressure pushing it out laterally to the side (outside).  Same with the back knee but more straight ahead of the knee.  Rationale:  This prevents the knees from collapsing inside (medially).

Front Stance Test

I like how along the way we stop at Moto-Dachi.  This builds a relational database-shows how the stances relate to one another.

At the end of the 4 step moving drill, breathe/inhale at attention/ready and elevate the heels for a moment.  Exhale fully/exaggerate & relax/loosen up.

There is a 3 step drill.
There is a 2 step drill.  14:45.  Knees bent when the feet are together.
There is a 1 step drill.

To end:  Leave the back foot back and bring the front back to sh. width apart  Then….

There is a 2 step follow-along.

There is a 1 step follow-along.
Keep the knees bent all the way thru.


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