2. Oi-Zuki (Front Lunge Punch)

Oi-Zuki (Front Lunge Punch) in ‘Chudan’ (center of the body).  
Done in Zenkutusu Dachi
There is a pointing w/the non striking arm. You are marking the target.
The torso twists.
The hands twist.
Step out form the ready stance and go into a down block to start this.
Kihon drill (the 3 step, 2 step, 1 step drill).
You use Zenkustu dachi and Moto dachi when u do this.
Rae, yoi, step out & down block.

Make my own cuts and videos to practice along with from these videos!

Write down Japanese terms for high, middle, and low.
Yow may means ‘stand up’.

Interesting: Both feet are firmly planted before the strike begins. That makes sense but I never thought about it. I wonder if that’s the case with blocking too.

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