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Adam Starbucks CM CA 2016 (2) My name is Adam.  I live in Orange County, CA.  Today’s date is 4/26/17.  I am about to embark on an endeavor-I’m going to learn Shotokan Karate.

I know little about Shotokan Karate.  I don’t know if it is the original form of Karate from which all other forms spawned, I don’t know the history or it’s role in the shaping of Japan, I don’t know it’s purpose, I don’t know it’s advantages.  I am sure this is not a ‘grappling’ martial art but I am not sure if I have the right body type FOR this style of martial art.  Is THIS martial art, Shotokan Karate, similar in a fundamental way to martial arts as say, ballet is to dance?  I think that once one learns ballet, or Shotokan Karate, one has a foundation from which to build upon, to learn other styles of martial arts and advance/more complicated styles of dance. 

You know what?  I’ve never even looked up Shotokan Karate in Wikipedia.

But why online study?  

I got in my car and I drove to a nearby martial arts school.  They teach Shotokan Karate there.  The drive TO the school-cost me time, the drive to the school-cost me gas money.  The school itself was expensive!  Over $100 a month PLUS probably two private lessons-per month.   I drove to another school-$300/month!!  But that’s not all-I had to be AT the school AT a SPECIFIC TIME, ready to go! No showing up late to Karate class, nooo no no.  You know what, I CAN do that, sure I can, but it’d be a LOT easier on ME if I learned when it was a good time for ME to learn.  SIGNIFICANTLY easier and SIGNIFICANTLY less money.  With Global Martial Arts University, I can learn when I want, I can learn at the speed I need, I can learn where I want and am able to.

But still, THAT wasn’t enough.  “How can you learn martial arts online?!  Don’t you need an opponent?  Who are you going to punch and kick?  Who are you going to block?!” I asked myself all of these questions.  Then I had my ‘Eureka’ moment.  I realized I was…OLD.

“Waaait a minute!”  I thought, the gears in my head whirling and spinning.  “If people can learn many things online, why not martial arts?!  Eureka!  Certainly a video would help a student analyze movements, that’s reasonable.  Certainly video would allow the student to assess body position, let the student, ME, slow down the action, right?  Right! RIGHT!!  Hey-NOT only SLOW down the movements, complete FREEZE the movements!”  I had hit pay dirt! Holy smokes!

Therefore, why should online training be limited to scholarly endeavors-like college classes?  Heck, I look up racquetball tutorials for proper technique online, I look up and study over & over windsurfing instruction videos for jibing, tacking, water starts, getting in and out of a harness, setting up the gear, etc online AND I ‘freeze’ the videos so I can analyze them, I watch instructional videos on Adobe Photoshop, Pediatric tracheostomy changing, springboard diving, and SourceSDK videogame making tutorials online to learn how to make video game maps-so why NOT learn martial arts online?!  If I, if every kid on planet Earth can learn to shuffle dance online I can sure as heck make progress in karate.  Right?  Right!  Online swimming-nope.  Online Shotokan Karate-yes!

I did a Google search for ‘Online Martial Arts Training’ and found a school called ‘Global Martial Arts University‘.  I found a few other schools too.   I looked at two other schools-expensive and not as simple, or thorough, or as organized, as I’d liked.  “Global Martial Arts University‘, I discovered, is the gold standard for online Karate instruction for beginners.  Not ONLY does GMAU have online training, the hours are automatically documented.  Cha-CHING!  Sign me up!  I enrolled my overweight, high bloodpressured, blob-of-a-body up right then!

If I have downtime at work, why not review some martial arts videos?  Seems like a good idea to me.

I am looking forward to the videos and services Global Martial Arts University offers, studying them, mimicking them, understand the motivations and rationale of the movements, recognizing foundation, training muscle memory, proceeding at my own pace and frequency, utilizing the resources, documenting, planning, working out, and being thorough.

On this site I will post my thoughts, questions, log, studies, goals, and experiences as I learn, not knowing how far this journey will take me, from never-ever having studied Karate ever. ever before, thru Global Martial Arts University.

Adam Bein
4/26/17  10:10 pm
9/17/17  12:50 pm



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